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          Live sound

          Udo Lindenberg effigy opening ceremony in Gronau , Germany


          To honor the musician Udo Lindenberg, the City of Gronau  (his place of birth) build a 3 Meter high effigy of him. Audiocenter had taken part on the ceremony.

          K-LA 28 DSP in combination with the new K-LA 218 DSP Subwoofers was used as the main PA System , supported by TS Series for Monitoring.

          The German Event Company Audiokonzept decided to use Audiocenter´s K-LA DSP and TS  Series to realize this event.

          A Representive stated “ It was a smooth  job, surprisingly the system delivered more than we expected “.



          System Configuration:

          Main PA:

          10 x K-LA28DSP

          6x K-LA218DSP


          Delay Line

          4x K-LA28DSP



          5x TS12

          2x TS15

          Nearly 3000 Visitors joined the event on May 16th in Gronau.  A unforgettable evening  with one of Germany´s famous musicians of all the time.Accompanied by Audiocenter .