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          Live sound

          Sanya Dream Sonic Music Festival 2016

          Sanya Dream Sonic music festival 2016 completed perfectly with the 2017 New Year fireworks performance. Sanya Dream Sonic was held from 30th Dec to 31st Dec,2016, lasting for 8 crazy hours every day. Many top singers and bands in China like Sun Nan and Hsu Wei gave enthusiastic performance during the music festival.


          The lighting and audio of the music festival were handled by MaxTeam which is the biggest executive team for popular music performance in China. AUDIOCENTER powers two stages in the music festival——Dream stage and Youth Pioneer stage.



          Dream stage: 

          PA system: V-HLA15+ MK3 + SW218+ VIN16

          Apron system: V-HLA12+ MK3 + SW218+ VIN16

           Youth Pioneer stage:

          PA system: V-HLA12+ MK3 + SW218+ VIN16


          AUDIOCENTER customized drivers from BEYMA, FAITAL and BMS ensure hi-fi sound quality and dynamic effect, which brought hundreds of audiences and fans into a passionate atmosphere.